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Testcover.com offers both individual and group subscriptions for the test case generator service. Our Risk-Free Trial lets new subscribers try out the service for free.

Individual Subscriptions Individual service is provided at a rate of $100 per month. With your first paid subscription we offer a valuable bonus: up to 4 hours of personalized consultation and training. If you've never analyzed a test area for pairwise testing, we can help get you started. If you have questions about selecting test factors and their values, about using the service and interpreting its results, we have the answers. Use our expertise to improve the effectiveness of your testing.

Group Subscriptions Organizations with multiple users can obtain a group of subscriptions with a single purchase. We provide a list of activation codes for registering individual users without entering individual billing information. With group subscriptions we also offer an optional group administration interface for managing the organization's use of the service. Please contact us for group subscription prices.

Risk-Free Trials We offer a Risk-Free Trial for new subscribers. We want you to see for yourself how the service can reduce your test costs and improve the quality of your products. Just request an activation code below. When you register with the code, you will have 30 days to try the generator service and see how it can improve your testing. Use it as much as you like. If you find the service meets your needs, you can request a renewal with a choice of payment options. We are offering the Risk-Free Trial because we believe if you try the service for your testing situation, you will see for yourself how it can simplify test planning, reduce the number of your test cases, and improve your test coverage.

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