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The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) interface for the Testcover.com service is available for integration testing and use. This page presents a summary of current capabilities and outlines set-up steps to use the interface. Working examples are given as well.


  • This interface is based on the Apache Axis2/C Web services engine. Version 1.6.0 is used currently.
  • The interface has been used successfully both with an Axis2/C client and with soapUI.
  • The WSDL interface includes a single getTestCases operation. It is invoked by the client with a getTestCasesRequest message, and the service returns a getTestCasesResponse message.
  • Definitions are given at https://testcover.com/axis2/services/TestCases?wsdl. The getTestCases schemas generally correspond to the HTML form and table structures of the original interface. However the syntax rules for new lines and special characters of the HTML interface are unnecessary for the WSDL interface and do not apply.
  • A successful response requires a valid Testcover.com user-password pair for authentication.
  • A Testcover.com account with preferences set to store up to 10 results on the Welcome page (default setting) also has its successful WSDL results saved there as HTML tables. Corresponding Request XML files also are available on the Welcome page (with passwords removed).


  • To access and use the example files below, a valid Testcover.com user-password pair is required. New subscribers can register for a Risk-Free Trial here.
  • The client (soapUI, for example) should use https://testcover.com/axis2/services/TestCases?wsdl for the WSDL definitions and https://testcover.com/axis2/services/TestCases as the service address.
  • Choose an example request from the list below, edit the User and Password strings, and set the client to use this request.
  • Typically, responses take a few seconds or less. Extremely large requests may take up to a minute or two. See our Performance page for specific examples. A client timeout setting of 300 seconds is recommended for consistency with the Apache httpd default timeout setting.
  • Use of encryption is strongly recommended.

Examples. The following examples are available as Request XML files.

  • example1.xml. Car Configuration Test - normal tire pressure is a simple first example from the Instructions.
  • example2.xml. Calendar Example from the Tutorial illustrates the use of multiple partitions and blocks.
  • example3.xml. Shady Characters & Knotty Strings uses characters and strings that often are problematic.
The examples also are contained in the soapUI project at https://testcover.com/sub/examples-soapui-project.xml.
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