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Lawmakers Seek Review of Pentagon Contract Thought to Favor Amazon (WiReD)

Gabe Goldberg <>
Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:44:23 -0400
Amazon long has been considered the likely winner of JEDI contract, as it is
one of the only cloud providers with the infrastructure, funds, and security
clearance necessary to meet all of the Pentagon's requirements. The
criticism is more acute because of the Pentagon's insistence on awarding
JEDI to a single bidder, rather than several companies and contractors.

Both Oracle and IBM have filed official protests with the US Government
Accountability Office, on the grounds that the DOD's decision to award the
$10 billion contract to just one company both restricts innovation and poses
a massive security risk. "JEDI turns its back on the preferences of Congress
and the administration, is a bad use of taxpayer dollars, and was written
with just one company in mind," IBM General Manager Sam Gordy said in a
statement in advance of JEDI's bid deadline.

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