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USB sticks can take it ...

Rob Slade <>
Tue, 5 Feb 2019 12:24:44 -0800
Wanna know what to store your data on if you want to keep it available?

A USB stick.

There are impressive tales of them surviving, well, pretty much anything.

So here's one more. or

A leopard seal ate one.  And pooped it out.  The poop (you can call it scat
if you don't like poop) was collected and then frozen for more than a year.
It was then defrosted and rinsed under a tap to get the big bits out.  One
of the big bits was the USB stick.  It was dried out for a couple of weeks,
and they still accessed a bunch of photos.

(If you've been hanging out around New Zealand beaches with a blue kayak,
you might want to look at the photos ...)

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