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Testcover.com, LLC was founded in 2003 to aid testers in the selection of efficient sets of test cases. The need is increasingly clear as systems grow more complex each day, and testers must validate multitudes of new features and configurations.

Working at the end of the development project, often with compressed schedules, testers are responsible for the timely introduction of quality products. Their dilemma is that if they take too little time, the quality of the product and brand may suffer; if they take too much time, revenue may be delayed or the market window missed. Whatever the schedule, testers must be as efficient as possible in discovering bugs and in proving the product will work as designed.

Testcover.com offers a state-of-the-art test case generator service which advances test design by improving test coverage and efficiency. The service uses a pairwise test case generator to give statistically complete test plans with a small number of test cases. Users can quickly and easily develop plans for "all pairs" testing, for configurations, GUI entries, database fields, etc.

New technology from Testcover.com enables significant reductions in the number of test cases needed for pairwise coverage. Users actually can improve their test cases' ability to find defects while running fewer test cases. The service continually integrates new research advances to reduce the number of test cases even further.

The test case generator service is provided over the internet to any standard browser. Because it is independent of the user's development and test environment, it can support virtually any platform choice. For each test area, the generator suggests a minimal set of test cases to cover the area. The user chooses which factors are required for the test job. Then the test case generator produces the test cases which will cover all pairs of factor values. The generator works to minimize the number of test cases so as to maximize the test efficiency.

Testcover.com developed Direct Product Block notation to provide a simple yet versatile interface to the service. DPB notation enables the user to include error cases and to adapt to system constraints easily. Complete coverage is practical even when there are complex dependencies and unsupported combinations to avoid. The online tutorial and instructions describe how to use DPB notation in these situations. Numerous examples clearly show how to get what you need from the service.

The Testcover.com staff has been doing research, development, and engineering for test coverage tools since 1990. It is responsible for the conception and development of CATS, one of the first practical test case generator tools. Recent work also has led to significant improvements in the construction algorithms for covering arrays, which are the mathematical foundation for test case generation. Please see our Background page for more detail.

Testcover.com is your source for expert, state-of-the-art support. Your test designs. Covered.TM

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