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Welcome Software Engineers!
Testcover.com offers a unique service that significantly advances system test design. Whether you're testing embedded software, drivers for peripherals, or web applications, our pairwise test case generator service improves your test efficiency by
  • reducing the number of test cases, and
  • improving the test cases' ability to find defects.
To use the service you choose which test factors are required. Then the generator produces the test cases which cover all pairs of the test factor values. The generator works to minimize the number of test cases and to maximize your test efficiency with a statistically complete test plan.
Compared to using orthogonal arrays or typical pairwise testing generators, our service provides significant advances in
  • test case efficiency,
  • response time, and
  • ease of use.
The test case generator provides a simple yet versatile interface based on our exclusive DPB notation. This interface enables you to include error cases and to adapt to system constraints easily. Complete coverage is practical even when there are unsupported combinations to avoid. In addition to the HTML interface for your browser, we provide a WSDL interface for your test tools to use the test case generator.
We invite you to look around our site and see how Testcover.com can improve the way your organization tests. The Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorial describe the generator service in more detail. If you want to learn more about the service and how it can address your test needs, sign up for our Risk-Free Trial.
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Testcover.com NEWS
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